2018 Guest


Erica Mendez

Chicago native Erica Mendez is longtime anime and video game fan turned voice actress. She has been fortunate to play some fan-favorite characters, including: Retsuko in Aggretsuko, Ryuko in KILL la KILL, Gon in Hunter x Hunter, Aladdin in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Yuuki in Sword Art Online II, Sailor Uranus in the new Viz Media dub of Sailor Moon, Akko in Little Witch Academia, Diane in Seven Deadly Sins, Nico in Love Live, and Mash in Fate/Grand Order.

You can also hear her in OK K.O. Let’s be Heroes, Re:ZERO, Fate/Apocrypha, Your Lie in April, Anohana, Erased, Tales of Berseria, Fire Emblem Warriors, Fire Emblem Heroes, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls, Danganronpa V3, Radiant Historia, Kakegurui, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, Gundam: IBO, Gundam SEED (2017 dub), Yuki Yuna is a Hero, A Lull in the Sea, Fairy Fencer F, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Street Fighter V, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, Detective Pikachu, Trails of Cold Steel II, Battle Chef Brigade, and more.

Voice acting isn’t the only way she keeps herself busy: She has also ventured into script adaptation and has done work on Little Witch Academia, Sailor Moon SuperS, and Fate/Apocrypha.

Visit to check out her full list of credits. You can keep up with Erica’s role announcements and incoherent rambling by following her on Twitter @tsunderica.

2017 Guests

Yaya Han

Yaya Han discovered cosplay in 1999, when it was still a small, quirky section of the geek­fandom. While Yaya had virtually no knowledge of sewing or crafting at that time, her childhood passion for Art and Japanimation got her hooked on the idea of dressing up as her favorite characters. Armed with a used $40 sewing machine, Yaya threw herself into making costumes headfirst, and quickly absorbed the heart and soul of costume design and creation.

To this day, Yaya has made over 300 personal costumes in every fandom genre imaginable, as well as her own original designs. Her long­standing consistency of creating intricate and lavish costumes has made her a Craftsmanship Icon in the cosplay world, and inspired countless people to get into cosplay. Since 2005, Yaya has built a successful business creating unique costume accessories available online and at conventions, as well as her line of Yaya Han Brand merchandising. She has been invited to appear as a Guest, Panelist, Judge, Performer and host to hundreds of conventions and events all over the world.

Over the years, Yaya has played a pivotal role in introducing cosplay to the mainstream audienc.She has been a Guest Judge on 3 seasons of TBS TV Network’s “King of the Nerds” competition show, starred in the Syfy TV Network’s Docu­Series “Heroes of Cosplay”, and been interviewed countless times by media outlets about fandom and cosplay.

Last year, Yaya lent her image to the comic book series “Wonderous 2: The Yaya Han Saga”,produced by Lionforge Comics, and became a legitimate superhero in the comic book world.

Yaya’s current focus is on making tools and materials more available to the cosplay community, through collaborations with global creative companies. She has been designing a popular line of cosplay sewing patterns with The McCall Pattern Company.
Jo­Ann Fabric & Craft Stores released the Cosplay by Yaya Han fabric line,making high quality cosplay­centric materials easily accessible to professionals, and amateur users in North America.

Most recently, Yaya became a Brand Ambassador for the Bernina Sewing Machine Company. Commercial ventures aside, Yaya often participates in charitable projects involving cosplay, and strives to be a positive force in the community. Through hard work, unmatched passion and infectious enthusiasm, Yaya has helped cosplay gain respect and integrity as an artform in the fandom world and art communities, and her decade long campaign for creativity has helped raise Cosplay to the standards we know today. Everyday, Yaya continues to pave the path for the beloved art and lifestyle we know as Cosplay.

Richard Hayworth

Partial Anime Credits:

RUROUNI KENSHIN – Kenshin Himura

TRIGUN – Legato Bluesummers

NIGHTWALKER – Tatsukiko Shido


MACROSS PLUS OAV – Scientist at Sharon Apple concert/Scientist in paper shredding scene


OUTLAW STAR – Catarl Catarl Pilot/Leo

COWBOY BEBOP – Rival Syndicate guy


BASTARD!! – Kall-Su

HEAT GUY J – Romeo Bisconit, Boma

LUPIN THE 3RD: THE MOVIE: THE SECRET OF MAMO – Commisioner, thug, Premier, and Scientist


12 KINGDOMS – Auzaru

MAHOROMATIC: AUTOMATIC MAIDEN – Kanzuki’s assistant, Principal, and random voices.

SAKURA WARS: THE MOVIE – Patrick Hamilton


X – Daisuke Saiki and random voices

STELLVIA – Pierre Takida/additional voices

Past Guests

Leon Chiro

Leon Chiro is the current Representative of his country (Italy) for the ECG – European Cosplay Gathering 2016 Finals in Japan Expo, he’s studying in VIGAMUS Academy University, specialized on Marketing, Digital Communication and Videogames. Jury member and guest in more than 40 events in 15 different countries, official cosplayer and collaborator with different Videogame companies ( special mentions to Ubisoft – Assassin’s Creed and Capcom – Devil May Cry).

He’s also well known as former Italian national champion athlete and photomodel with a big passion for Videogames (Hardcore Gaming). His cosplays are handmade by himself with the exception of some complicated sewing parts and his specializations are armours, weapons, accessories and make-up.

During his physiotherapy and sport sciences’ studies, Leon trained enough to elevate himself to a national athlete level as he’s also a personal trainer with Calisthenics and Parkour skills. He is working hard everyday to stay in a perfect shape.

All his cosplays are made with big passion, heart and artistic skill, something that made him become famous his “fomento” attitude : being and living full of energy and dynamism. He is also currently working for different brands like Ubisoft (Cosplayer), Cool2U (Community Manager), Cosplay Mat and CosAll (Testimonial).

Leon has a lot of experience in Cosplay Contests in Europe, he loves putting his heart into the interpretations of his characters and he has won numerous cosplay competitions in the main cons in Italy (as ECG selections in Lucca Comics and prizes in Romics) and Europe (Best Cosplay Forge in Japan Expo 2013). In 2013 Leon started to travel around the world, having been invited, as special guest, to different cons in Italy and Europe (events such as Gamescom, Paris Comics Expo and GamesWeek) and he has judged very high level cosplay competitions.

His dream is to continue to travel and meet a lot of cosplayers around the world by spreading his ‘fomento’ attitude for a better and positive world.

Find out more about Leon Chiro at:
Youtube :
Instagram :
Twitter :
CosPro :

Veronica Taylor

Veronica Taylor is a classically trained actor who has performed in NYC and around the U.S. in contemporary and classical theatre. Her voice has been a part of Saturday morning cartoons for some time now. She is probably best known for playing the roles of Ash and May on “Pokemon”, April on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and roles in “Cubix”, “Dinosaur King”, “Yu-Gi-Oh!”, “Huntik”, “Tai Chi Chasers”, and more. She can be heard on PBS kids’ Word World (Sheep), Lunch Lab (Mixiebot), and “Chuck Vanderchuck’s ‘something something’ Explosion!” (Ramona). Some anime favorites include Yukino on “His and Hers Circumstances, Amelia on “Slayers”, all 7 Nana’s on “Nana Seven of Seven”, and Narue on “World of Narue”, as well as many others. She has done numerous voices for animation, video games, audiobooks, commercials, and documentaries.

Please note that ALIAS Entertainment cannot be held responsible in cases of scheduling conflicts and guest cancellations.


Larry Hama

Larry Hama is a writer/cartoonist/illustrator/actor/musician who has worked in comics, tv and film. He is best known as the writer of Marvel”s “GI Joe” comics in the ”eighties, and as the writer of Marvel”s “Wolverine” in the ”nineties. More recently he has scripted “Spooks,” and “Barack the Barbarian” for Devil”s Due Comics, “GI Origins” and “GI Joe A Real American Hero” for IDW as well as various animation and video game projects. He was Artist in Residence at Asian/Pacific/American Arts Institute at NYU in 2012. Most recently, he is the author of “The Death of Captain America” a prose novel for Marvel (hardcover) that features characters (Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Nick Fury) who are prominent in the new Captain America movie.

In comics, he has written, edited or drawn for Avengers, Blaze, Nth Man, The Nam, Conan, Batman, Wonder Woman, Bizarre Adventures, X-Men, Spider-Man, Daredevil, and dozens more. His illustrations and cartoons have appeared in National Lampoon, Esquire, New York and Rolling Stone. He has appeared on Broadway in Stephen Sondheim”s “Pacific Overtures” and on TV in MASH, SNL and “Another World.” AEX in collaboration with the US Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago is proud to present you with the chance to meet and learn from this amazing talent, Mr. Larry Hama. He will be at the AEX Cosplay Parade on July 25th and will be hosting his very own workshop on ”Visual Storytelling” at the Expo on July 26th! See you there!


Eve Beauregard

Eve Beauregard is an internationally renowned model, cosplayer and host with a fierce passion for gaming, film and television. Eve has been creating costumes for seven years and has appeared at conventions as a guest, cosplay judge and panelist the world over from Australia, to Mexico, to Germany! She is highly respected for her commitment to making the cosplay world a happy, accepting and welcoming place for people of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels.

Eve will also be at the AEX Cosplay Parade on July 25th and will be hosting the Worbla workshop at the Expo on July 26th!