We have expanded our night time entertainment to include Friday Night! Presenting the first ever Jump Force Bunny Rave! Fans of Dragoncon know that the Bunny Hutch party is one of the most talked about events at the con. ALIAS is putting our own spin on it and turning it into an all out rave, hosted by DJ Alex D Xecutioner and the Bass Factor of Hott 93!!

Transform any character into a playboy bunny and hop on down to the opening party of ALIAS 2019! The best Shounen Jump inspired bunnies will win awesome prizes! 

This event is Strictly 18 yrs and Over!

So VVIP pass purchasers get 3 full days and 3 full nights of events and activities to choose from in addition to their very own avatar and tonnes of other freebies!

After the Cosplay Beach Party we rave all night long!

Date: Friday 23rd August
Time: 8pm- 12 midnight
Venue: Centre of Excellence