Games and Activities

ALIAS is the only convention that is chock filled with games, attractions and activities to last you an entire weekend! We hope you have the stamina needed because here is a list of some of what we have in store for you guys in The Matrix:


Which team will you be fighting for in the Virtual World?? Will you be a human and possible the glitch in the system known as the One, or are you a program/ machine like the Oracle or Mr Smith?

Once you’ve decided which side you will be fighting on here comes the fun part! We will be having a number of games, and exercises where you can accrue points for your team during the entire convention! Teams will be fighting to find items hidden in various places on the convention floor! Additionally every challenge and competition that takes place on stage carries points for the winners and their teams! Just be sure to log your points at The ALIAS check point and organise your teams and strategies early!

Which team will be declared the ruler of the five kingdoms? Results will be tabulated and announced at on Sunday August 25th 2019!


Tron Battle Maze

One of the new major event attractions and games will be our Tron battle maze situated just past The exhibitor hall! Here patrons will run our self made maze to see if they can make it out alive and gain points for their faction! More details will be released in 2019!


Gaming Arcade

Welcome to our gaming arena! Situated just beyond the Tron system gaming competitors far and wide journey to do battle in the Gaming Arcade! Here Gamers will practice and perfect their skills in hand eye coordination as they work tirelessly to defeat their enemies in a slew of gaming tournaments and matches taking place over the weekend!


Pushup/Fitness Competition

The ALIAS push up contest is one of our classics that will be back once more! Do you have what it takes to oust the reigning champion? To win wars you need sheer strength and might so make sure your team members have what it takes physically! Start training from now to accrue points for your team!



ALIAS has been host to a number of international guests over the years and we have more in store just for you in 2019! So be sure to get your autographs and photos with our special celebrity guests! Announcements on who will be coming will be made soon!

More games and activities will be announced on facebook leading up to the event so stay tuned for updates!