Alias Art Wars 2019

“Enter the Matrix”

ALIAS Entertainment will be hosting the country’s and dare we say region’s first and only 3D art installation competition!

ALIAS Art Wars is a unique opportunity for the nation’s artists to create one of a kind art pieces that are immersive, interactive and larger than life for big cash prizes!


This is a call for works of Art or design that creatively interpret this year’s theme of “Enter the Matrix”. Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real? What if you couldn’t awaken? In the battle between human and machine on what side are you fighting on? With so many advancements in technology the concept and use of virtual reality is expanding. How do you interpret that concept? You can take inspiration straight from the film itself, from pop culture in general or present a completely original concept. The creative parameters are quite broad, the main criteria being that the final work be an interpretation of our theme.

You will be given a 10ft x 10ft x 10ft (LxWxH) space on the convention floor within which to assemble and present your final work.We may allow taller heights on a case by case basis depending on the design and safety but only up to 15ft regardless.

The main physical requirements are that the piece be 3 Dimensional, immersive, interactive and larger than life. It is however imperative that each piece must not present a threat to any patron or passerby and should be sturdy and safe enough to stand on its own on a convention floor and pass all inspections by Fire Services.

You will be given one day to assemble and finalise your piece. This will be done during the convention on Saturday August 24th 2019 so that patrons and judges can fully appreciate the creative process and see each piece come alive. Your work must be set up and ready for judging by the Sunday of the convention, where winners and prizes will be announced by the end of the day. Patrons are also invited to vote on their favourite piece!

Please note that your piece cannot be displayed anywhere before ALIAS Entertainment Expo and will be displayed exclusively at this event. At the event’s conclusion you are free to display your piece anywhere but at competing events.


Dates and Deadlines:

Stage 1: Written and drawn proposals submitted digitally to and $200, non-refundable entry fee paid by midnight April 15, 2019. The notification of selection/non-selection by judges will be done by April 31st, 2019.

Stage 2: Selected contestants will then be given a budget of $1500 each to purchase materials for their pieces and are expected to begin work. If for whatever reason you do not complete and showcase your work this budget would need to be refunded to ALIAS Entertainment. Artists can add extra money to their own budget if they desire but they will only receive $1500 from ALIAS Entertainment.

  • May 30th 2019 first monthly progress check in
  • June 31st 2019 second monthly progress check in
  • July 31st 2019 third monthly progress check in
  • August 17th 2019 FINAL check in and confirmation of contestant requirements

Stage 3: Judging and awards: Overall winner receives $10,000 TTD

All art remains the property of each contestant but the winning piece may be required to be displayed at other locations TBD.



Entrants to the Competition may be artists, students or practitioners, in the sciences, arts, or professions, over 18 years old, individually or in partnership (one or two people). You will be allowed help to bring in materials if need be but those individuals will need to have tickets to the event to secure their entry and exit and the actual work being presented must me that of the individual or duo. Exclusive permission to publish all proposals and installations—online and in print—must be granted to ALIAS Entertainment; all credits will be given to the respective artists.